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Nicolas Millet, Vigneron à Bué
Vins parcellaires
Vins Traditionnels
Appellation Sancerre Contrôlée

"Life is a dynamic balance, in perpetual evolution.
Looking at it, listening to it, following it are the basis of all my thinking.

depth work carried out for more than a decade."


In the vine

Of a natural little interventionist, my mission is to accompany the plant in its accomplishment, so that each grapes expresses its typicity, and the benefique from my unique know-how.

It is quite naturally, and in this spirit that I turned to organic farming in the first place (certification 2024).

Better than any label, and before each intervention, i appeal to my « farmer’s common sense » and employ some techniques that optimize life, the structure of the soil and the symbiosis between the elements such as :

  • regenerative agriculture: improve soil life; increase biodiversity, cover crop to sequester CO2
  • Biodynamic practices : phytotherapy (wicker, hosretail, nettle,etc..) preparations 500 and 501
  • Other alternative techniques are also being tested, such as the use of skimmed milk (real food waste) to fight against powdery mildew instead of traditional sulfur. A healthy and totally virtuous technique for sustainable farming.

In the cellar

A non-interventionist philosophy, respectful of each grape is used to preserve the aromatic potential of all future cuvées. Each plot is vinified separately without adding sulfur during vatting, with careful and rigorous monitoring. The breeding takes place then as long as necessary. Finally, during bottling, the wines simply be filtered and bottled by gravity. Any deposit in the bottle is therefore a guarantee of the quality of the wines, and of a deep respect for the envi- ronment. It is part of the life of the wine.