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Nicolas Millet, Vigneron à Bué
Vins parcellaires
Vins Traditionnels
Appellation Sancerre Contrôlée

The vintage is the year of harvest of a wine. 

Each vintage has its own particularity. Grapes are sensitive to weather variations. Rain, hail, but also sun and heat will impact the vine, and consequently influence the resulting wine.

A wine from the same terroir will not have the same aromatic and taste characteristics from one year to the next.
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  • 2022
    A promising vintage for Centre-Loire Wines.

    After an uneventful growing season and a dry summer with only sporadic heavy rainfall, Centre-Loire vines were in optimal condition when the 2022 harvest started. The vintage should offer good volumes and a fantastic quality, ‘maybe the best in thirty years,’ says Francois Dal of SICAVAC, the technical arm of the BIVC.
  • 2021
    A painful birth story.

    After a series of solar-powered vintages, 2021 marks a return to the roots of Centre-Loire vineyards: their fruity freshness. This vintage demanded the full attention of all those who spent the entire year contending with fickle weather.
  • 2020
    A year with just two seasons.

    While 2020 will forever remain engraved in memories as the year of COVID-19, it will also be known in the wine world for its early harvests.
  • 2019
    elegance and concentration

    Once again the vines have successfully managed a particularly dry year interspersed with several heatwaves. The season has been gruelling not only for the plants, but for the women and men working in the vineyards. However the result looks promising.
  • 2018
    A record year for Centre-Loire.

    Having braved the unusual weather conditions, 2018 is a unique, early vintage - a vintage shaped by extraordinary extremes of weather, ranging from record levels of spring rainfall to summer heatwaves.
  • 2017
    A year of contrasts

    2017 is the latest in a succession of early harvests. As winter drew to a close with temperatures worthy of late spring, nature snowballed ahead. The vines continued to reach each milestone early, right up until harvest - despite very variable conditions which changed month by month and area by area.
  • 2016
    Good things come to those who wait.

    2016 has been giving our winegrowers a run for their money. Weather conditions were difficult; growers have had to contend with rain, humidity, frost and even sunscald, but have carried on regardless. Luckily nature rallied at the eleventh hour, and the vintage will be an excellent one after all.
  • 2015
    Hot, dry weather makes for a promising vintage.

    Just as any other northern region, the Centre Loire is profoundly affected by vineyard conditions in any given year – and 2015 will be no different. The weather has been rather distinctive this year, and has resulted in wines with very pure flavours.
  • 2014
    A Vintage with Character.

    The unusual shift between the seasons has created a 2014 vintage with great potential for Centre Loire Wines. The unexpected warm weather in autumn produced exceptional wines with finesse and power.